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hoopfitness's Journal

Hoop Your Tail Off!
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Welcome to the Hoop Fitness community! This community was created for members to talk about hooping (aka "hula hooping" or "hoopdance") and its role in improving health and well-being. Maybe you're looking to get fit and want to try hooping as a new form of exercise, or you're an experienced hooper who wants to focus more on your overall health... Then come on in!

if you're brand-new to hooping, there are plenty of resources out there to get you started. hooping.org is *the* online magazine for hoopers worldwide, and a Google search will turn up tons of websites where you can buy an adult-sized hoop in whatever style you'd like. Instructional videos can be found on YouTube, as well as on Amazon (the series by Hoopnotica and Hoopgirl are especially good).

About your mod: Hi, I'm Jennifer (aka swingchickie). I launched a successful hooping website in 2007... but have spent so much time making hoops for other people, I've barely had time to do any hooping myself! I've made the commitment to make more time for myself and hoop as much as possible... both to improve my hooping and improve my level of fitness. I'm not one of the size-2 hoopers out there, I have weight to lose and muscle to build and want to invite other people to be with me on the journey. I look forward to meeting you in this community!

The rules of the community are pretty simple:

1. Be nice.
2. Please don't spam the community. If you have weight-loss products to sell, this isn't the place. Along those lines, you do not need to be a customer of the mod's to participate in this community -- it doesn't matter where you get your hoop, just get one and have fun! :)
3. As with any fitness or weight loss program, different things work for different people. The posts in this community are the opinions of its members, and aren't a substitute for the advice of a doctor.

Lastly, who are you? When you join hoopfitness, let us know your scoop! Tell us:

Your name
Where you're from
How long have you been hooping?
What are your fitness goals (so we can all help you along)?

Happy hooping!