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UK Hoop Gathering 2012

A friend of mine is hosting two Hooping Holiday retreats this year as part of UK Hoop Gathering Summer Retreats 2012 (http://www.ukhoopgathering.com/#/new-uk-hoop-retreats-2012/4558082656) . She always does a spectacular job organising and planning it and I encourage everyone to book their tickets if they have not done so yet!

Set in the beautiful, rural heart of England at Wildways (https://www.facebook.com/WildwaysOnTheBorle) we have 3 days of fun, usually sun(it is england after all!), and hoop related workshops taught by some of the finest skilled hoop masters from across the world which this year include:

Weekend 1:
Gail O'Brien, UK  
Birte Poi, Germany
Nick Broyd, UK
Jewelz Hanssens, Australia 
Agatha, Belgium.


Weekend 2:

Birte Poi, Germany
Livi Little, UK
Jewelz Hanssens, Australia
Agatha, Belgium
Emily Wheeler, UK

 Food is catered for and you can opt to camp or sleep in the large dorm room. There's a reason I keep going back: because its so friggin' awesome! Highly recommend it if you want a short Hoopy break in August. Hope to see many of you there :D xxx

hooping, hoop, hula, hula-hoop, hulahoop

Too pooped to hoop? GET TO SWHoop!

So its cold and miserable. All you want to do is hibernate. You have no room to hoop inside. Keeping warm under a blanket is much more appealing that attempting to keep warm by hooping!

This is why the lovely Emma Kerr created SWHoop (South West Hoop). https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143965622343107 I went to the event last weekend and enjoyed myself so much. Three whole days of hoop workshops with some of the best teachers around:

Anah Reichenbach (aka Hoopalicious)
Malcolm Stuart
Angie Mack
Emma Kerr
Loz Because

Optionals by;
Steve Bags
Emma Kerr
Gail O'Brien
various dance Classes

There was SO much to do every day, literally it was one workshop after another. A lot of these were optional so if you were too tired you could sit out/watch/eat chocolate in the chillout area! It was all indoors so even when it rained on friday we were snuggly inside, hooping away with the heating on in the downstairs and upstairs halls. Food was included in the price for the whole weekend and was amazingly tasty (and catered to all my intolerances). There were also vendors selling hand made bits and bobs, hoop related clothing and fire hoops. I met loads of old and new friends, had a blast at the LED ball on the Saturday and even learnt how do a bit of poi, dancing the Charleston and Wave Dancing in the optional non-hoop related workshops.

Its just what I needed when the weather is so cold and you have no room to hoop inside. It was even better than last years. AND ITS ALL HAPPENING AGAIN THIS WEEKEND! I cannot give high enough praise for SWHoop. It was s popular last year that she's running 2 events this year and having been to the first one last weekend I recommend everyone attends the second event this weekend coming. So if you're feeling too pooped to hoop then get to SWHoop!

Emma can find accomodation with a local hooper in Bristol for you or we stayed in the very reasonably priced Future Inn hotel just a 5-10 minute walk from the venue, right in the heart of the city. Would love to hear if anyone else attended this event, or if they do go this weekend. Enjoy and happy hooping :D
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New Year Hoop Jam

Last night we had a hoop jam at a dance rehearsal place.  I haven't been to one in a few weeks so it felt great to be able to get out and hoop like I truly enjoy (no space limits!).  Here's a little video of what I've learned these past two years.  I've been hooping strong since January 24, 2009!
Hula Hoop

New LED mini's, so pretty!

I just got done making myself some snazzy new LED mini hoops :-D  They were very easy to assemble, and fairly cheap ($50 for parts for the pair).  I named them The Twyns, children of my big hoop, Glowyn.

The new minis and my big hoop

Fun with light writing!

My favorite image ever!
fire hoop

07-20-2010 Playing Around

a friend posted a song online that i just had to get up and dance to. i decided to record it, and this is the result. not a lot of thought went into this. it was purely for fun!

but it is also helpful because in reviewing the video i found some things i need to work on.

1) remember to breathe 2) keep my pot belly tucked in for better control 3) quit going stiff when i am going around. keep on pushing!

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Minor Testimonial

About eight weeks ago, I made a firm commitment to hoop at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Some days I get in 45 minutes. On a few days I've managed only 20 minutes, but those have been fairly rare. Mostly I hoop with a 3/4 inch tubing, 42 inch diameter hoop. I get turn on some music and go for it, with a lot of lifts and arm stuff and crazy silly dancing.

Occasionally I pull out a 36 inch hoop and try to keep it up for a song. Today I did two songs with my 36 inch hoop with the flags on it, which is a major improvement in stamina! The flags are little strips of tape. They are cute but they add quite a bit of drag.

When I started, I was pretty winded and headachey after 30 minutes of hooping. Now I don't feel tired afterwards, and I see the increase in stamina in other areas too. Yay! Schedule and weather permitting, I'd like to work up to an hour.

How are y'all doing? Anybody have any major win?
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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade was yesterday (June 19) and it was a TON of fun.  My friend Jenn and I decided to be in it this year, our first time, and hooped the entire time.  It wasn't so bad except for the full strength sun and 90 degree humid heat.  The cool ocean breezes coming off the Atlantic helped a LOT in keeping us cool.  Also, Aveno SPF 70 is a life saver!  It kept me burn free the entire day!

My friend and I before the parade.  We both made our own costumes.

Myself, hooping in the parade.